The Best Paris Apps


Paris apps for transportation tips and foodie finds. Get the new Girls' Guide to Paris app!

She’ll find a spot with her Velib’ app.

Smartphones have changed the way we travel. GPS has replaced maps for tripists visiting Paris. I’m nostalgic for the old days, but I have to say, I love my Paris apps. They make my life easier and enrich my adventures. Here are the Paris apps I download for my guests before they head out the door. 


The official app of the Paris metro system, with metro, bus and RER lines, including timetables and regular updates. It’s indispensable. The paid version even gives you estimated arrival times for your next bus or train.
If you’re cycling around town, this app lets you know where bikes are available and where you can park upon arrival. It’s my most-used app of all.
Free French-English Dictionary +
A very popular, easy-to-use dictionary with pronunciation guides and the conjugation of verbs.
A great tool for shopping, so you’ll know how much a euro really is.
Converter by Trelleborg
This tool for converting from the metric to the US system is great if you find yourself tempted by some luxurious European linens.
Paris Food Markets
The only app I’ve suggested guests actually purchase, this really useful tool lists markets by neighborhood (or by day of the week) and gives you public transportation tips with photos and even video!
Paris M&M
This app tells you which art exhibitions are happening where and when. Great when you’re looking for inspiration on a rainy day.

Paris apps for trip tips, shopping tips, and foodie finds. Get the new Girls' Guide to Paris app!

I found these treasures thanks to the My Little Paris app.

A free gift from the city of Paris, this interactive map points out the famous buildings in your area and provides interesting guided walks.


Louvre Museum
A beautiful app put out by the Louvre, with in-depth descriptions of the art as well as maps and useful tips.
Centre Pompidou
Another helpful museum app, but disappointingly more about the Centre and less about the art.
Grand Palais
The Grand Palais now has an app of its own, but it also sells apps for all of its exhibitions, with lots of detail on the artwork and artists.


Paris apps for trip tips and foodie finds. Get the new Girls' Guide to Paris app!

Le Fooding sent me here.

Le Fooding
This is my go-to restaurant app. It will tell me where to go based on where I am standing, what I’d like to eat or where I am headed. Their recommendations are always excellent.
My Little Paris
A fun little app for original ideas of what’s hot and what’s in.
Lets me catch up on the movie scene, showing what’s available by movie or by location.
The wonderful thing about apps is that new ones are being produced every day. I can’t wait to see the next Paris apps.
Editor’s note: We have just opened an iTunes app store of our very own. The first app on offer is Highlights of Paris: Sweets, Shopping and Culture, which includes three walking trips. Find out more.