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Villa Leandre via 

Paris is a wholly different place depending on where you stay. Below you’ll find three distinct and different areas of Paris and types of Paris apartments rentals. Anne Julio from has supplied us with some fun things to do in each neighborhood. Part of what is fun about renting a vacation flat, is pretending that you are a resident of artsy Montmartre, classic and posh Ile St. Louis or hipster Marais for the week. Each making for a unique and truly Parisian experience.
Staying on the hill of Montmartre at the Studio Poulbot 

Studio Poulbot 

Thousands of tripists discover Montmartre each year, and most of them arrive from the Anvers metro station, followed by a trip uphill with the funicular. They visit Sacré Coeur church, turn left to Place du Tertre and go back, down the funicular. 

Montmartre is a village that goes far and 

beyond the tripisty area around Sacré Coeur; to feel the atmosphere you must adventure to the other side of the hill, starting your trip at Lamarck Caulaincourt station. Follow the Ave Junot and climb up to Villa Léandre (pictured at top) where you’ll see beautiful Parisian houses. On the left you find the Allées de Brouillard with more lovely homes housing very privileged residents, and if you keep on going you will eventually find the Montmartre vineyards, until you can reach the back of Sacré Coeur by crossing an enchanting square. The illumination of the back of the church reveals amazing architectural details that nobody sees, while the front is always overcrowded.


Le Vieux Chalet 

Have a rest at the trendy café Marcel, or stop for a meal at the countryside garden of the restaurant Le Vieux Chalet on top of the hill. It is so inconspicuous as opposed to the other restaurants that you can pass by without noticing it.
A stay in Montmartre will give you the chance to experience first hand Amelie’s world (from the famous movie Amelie), it is not only fiction but a true sample of this charming village.
Café Marcel: 1 Villa Léandre – 75018
Restaurant Vieux Chalet: 14 bis rue Norvins – 75018
Staying on the enchanting Ile de St Louis at the 2 bedroom St Louis Bourbon apartment

Bourbon Apt, Ile St. Louis 

Lots of tripists swarm the Notre Dame Cathedral island in Paris, but far too many overlook its adorable little sister, the quaint Ile de Saint Louis just a few steps away. Staying in an apartment on St Louis island is a privilege dreamed by Parisians alike.
Easily accessible, you can go everywhere quickly from the island with excellent metro connections. This small island is like an oasis from the rush of the city. It’s almost as if someone dropped a small French village into the center of Paris, complete with markets, bakeries, fromageries and cafés. While much of Paris has modernized over the years, the Ile remains romantically frozen in the past. It is remarkably the same as it was centuries ago, and just a short walk away from the Latin Quarter with its eclectic restaurants and curiosity shops. The location it is superb for sight seeing places like Notre-Dame, the Louvre, Saint-Chapelle, the Latin Quarter and St Germain. 


You will feel a thrill when you see the little


footbridge crossing over to the bigger Ile de la Cité where Notre Dame is located. Continue to the head of this island and make your way to Place Dauphine to enjoy a very good restaurant serving canard confit and roasted potatoes: Le Caveau du Palais.


Place Dauphine 

Reservations are strongly recommended for an outside table! After a delicious lunch or dinner, walk home along the Seine! No, you are not in a movie, this is Paris! On Sunday, don’t miss the flower market to complete your Paris village atmosphere!


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The vrai Berthillon delicacy can only be found in the few small streets of Ile de Saint Louis. This delicious ice cream has rich colors and equally intense flavors.
Franc Pinot cabaret at at 1, quai de Bourbon. This has been a popular watering hole since the 17th century, and remains so to this day. Pleasantly not a tripist trap, this bar oozes with the French laissez-faire attitude.
Le Caveau du Palais at 17 place Dauphine
Berthillon ice cream at 31, rue St Louis-en-l’Ile
Staying in the Hip Marais at the 1 bedroom apartment Marais Saint Antoine.

Marais Apt.

The Marais is one of the oldest districts of Paris along with St Germain, and one of the most popular. The area is full of rich mansions built during Middle Ages and Renaissance times, decorated with French gardens, now mostly converted into public squares. Also popular for hip boutiques, art gallery and the well known Jewish district, you could easily spend your entire visit to Paris in this neighborhood so much there is to see and do.
You can spend hours walking around but it is important to know the hidden places and gems such as beautiful small squares, like Square St Gilles and Grand Veneur, the latter being the smallest square in the area; trés romantic! Finally the Marché des Enfants Rouges, which is the oldest covered market in Paris, offering cozy restaurants with tables along the aisles. Get lost in the narrow streets of Marais and you might have the chance to glimpse beautiful courtyards behind private gates.  

Marché des Enfants Rouge via 

Renting an apartment in the Marais will allow you to submerge into a charming village atmosphere. Close to the Marais Saint Antoine apartment you can find rue des Rosiers, home to several kosher restaurants where you can get large, delicious, and inexpensive sandwiches like falafel, or enjoy local products at home. Perhaps some wine and cheeses bought locally at the various traiteurs and artisan food shops.
Paris is magical in three different ways, and so much more. Why not discover a new area on your next visit? 

Square St. Gilles Grand Veneur via Wikipedia 

Square St Gilles du Grand Veneur: 9, rue du Grand Veneur – 75003
Marché des Enfants Rouges: 39 rue de Bretagne – 75003
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