The Newest Bars in Paris


A list of the freshest, funkiest and tastiest new bars in Paris

The burgeoning bar scene in Paris boasts some well-established drinking spots that turn out some seriously good sips, like La Conserverie, Le Forum and Prescription Cocktail Club. But the past few months have brought a wave of new openings, with some contenders worth a stop. From wine bars to craft-cocktail havens, here are the buzziest of the new bars on the block. 

L’Entrée des Artistes

This highly anticipated bar was on all discerning drinkers’ lips long before opening its doors.

The Newest Bars in Paris: Photo of Register and Alchol

The duo responsible for L’Entrée des Artistes brings serious talent to this combination cocktail/wine bar. The man behind the mixology, a former bartender at Prescription Cocktail Club, is Fabien Lombardi, and his cocktail arsenal includes “aged cocktails.” These “vintage” drinks are stored in barrels for six weeks before being served, giving a softer, more nuanced flavor to a standard negroni or Vieux Carré. While those drinks will set you back 14–15 euros, the standard menu is a deal, with drinks at 10–11 euros. On the wine side of matters, Edouard Vermynck, formerly the sommelier for the Murano hotel, has created a wine list for a range of preferences, from easily accessible wines to more challenging fare. With its friendly demeanor, relaxed atmosphere and high-quality offerings, this tiny spot is having no problem packing in patrons, so go early in the evening to be sure and score a seat—otherwise you’ll be fighting for standing room only. 8, rue de Crussol, in the 11th Arrondissement.

Le 29

Girlie club goes glam cocktail lounge.
Buzz for entrance at the unassuming front door of this newly opened, clandestine cocktail lounge, and you’re in for a special night. When Greg Hazac, previously of such big-name bars as Costes, Le Secret and Royal Monceau, decided to venture out on his own, he chose a location with a bit of a naughty past. Rather than remodel this former girlie club (complete with dancing poles), he played up the boudoir-chic aspect and threw in elegant touches, like the sparkling silver bar accessories and beautiful glassware. The result: a sophisticated space with a saucy streak where clientele escape the mundane outside world and sink into plush red armchairs to sip bespoke cocktails. With no printed cocktail menu, options vary depending on what fresh ingredients and homemade syrups Greg has behind the bar. Drinks at 14 euros each are well worth the price tag in this gorgeous setting. Smokers will appreciate the comfy fumoir in the back. And with the lounge’s late-night license, the city’s sophisto-set can indulge in sexy swank until the wee hours. 29, rue Vineuse, in the 16th.

The Club

Cocktails for club sandwich–craving customers. 

The Newest Bars in Paris: Watching a skilled bartender go to work

Following in the footsteps of recently opened bars successfully serving up both food and cocktails, like Candelaria or Grazie, the Club is not only bringing a bit of buzz to an otherwise quiet quartier but also injecting a bit of fun into the Paris drinking scene, with accessible drinks and tasty club sandwiches. The MO here is laid-back lounging with a bit of nosh. Convivial owners Antoni Pascual and Stephane Bilard brought in hat creator Philippe Model to design the space, which resulted in an upper floor that’s quirky and amusing, with an interesting array of curios and slick black Smeg fridge, and a lower floor that sinks drinkers into a “chaotic chic” environment, with distressed faux wallpaper and dangerously comfy armchairs and sofas. The range of spirits is small but solid, and the owners take pride in their selection of fresh, high-quality ingredients. The bar’s welcoming vibe, tasty offerings and fun deco make it a neighborhood favorite for casual cocktails with a bit of whimsy. 24, rue Sourcouff, in the 7th.

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

The most celebrated craft-cocktail trio in Paris ventures into wine territory. 

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels one of the Newest Bars in Paris

The three boys behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, Curio Parlor and Prescription Cocktail Club have just opened an entirely new vino-based venture. One of the masterminds behind the operation, Romee de Goriainoff, explains the reason behind the name: “‘Surnaturel’ because wine is the only universal liquid throughout the ages, cultures and places! The liquor of the gods. Hence, it can only be ‘surnaturel.’” True to their style, the decor is classy and comfortable. Armchairs, footstools and sofas upholstered in vibrant and fun prints surround low, candlelit coffee tables. Adventurous oenophiles can order a glass of the “mystery bottle,” and those who successfully identify what they’re served (including producer and vintage) receive the entire bottle for free. A limited bar menu offers small plates you can order if you want to munch on something while exploring the wine list. This is the go-to place for locals up on the latest openings, looking for something a bit more upscale and modern than the basic corner wine bar. 7, rue Lobineau, in the 6th.


David Lynch brings his own brand of surreal to Paris.
Conceived and designed by director David Lynch, this private club—modeled on the bar from his film Mulholland Drive—is the latest see-and-be-seen spot in Paris. Aimed at a clientele of film and music types, it’s no surprise that it boasts both a private screening room and stage. Silencio is members only for the first half of the evening, but when the clock strikes midnight, the city’s club crawlers line up to get a glimpse of this Lynchian lounge and play in the labyrinth-like space until 6 a.m. Cocktails are mixed up by talented bar staff, and they’re turning out some very tasty tipples. But if lines are too long for the top-notch mixed drinks, head for the secondary bar, where a small range of wine is served. 142, rue de Montmartre, in the 2nd.
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La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels
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