Have you been waiting and hoping for a Girls’ Guide to New York, Barcelona, London or one of your other favorite cities? Your wait is over. This September, Girls’ Guide to Paris will be launching Girls’ Guide to Paris ET PLUS, a digital travel magazine that will feature different destinations around the world in every issue. Paris, of course, still has a very special place in our hearts, so never fear, as each issue will have a good dose of up-to-the-minute insider info about the City of Light. The best part about our e-mag is that every issue will have an in-depth focus on a different part of the world. One month we’ll take you to the grasslands of Africa, and the next we’ll fly you into the heart of London. Travel the world from the comfort of your own home, and then easily take all the info with you on your next trip. 

So what are some of the highlights from the magazine? In our first issue, which you can get for FREE just by signing up for our newsletter, we delve into some of our favorite areas of France, including Provence and the Loire Valley, making a stop in Bordeaux during harvest time. We will also venture to London and stroll through the Village and Chelsea in New York City. Issue No. 2 will feature Africa in all its glory, as well as Toronto for the holidays and the best eats in Venice, California. 

Additionally, each issue will include a calendar full of the most exciting current events in Paris, handpicked by gg2p editors. “Paris vs. . . .” compares Paris with another city, with adorable illustrations by Fifi Flowers. “Ravishing Rues” gives you a close-up of one of our favorite Paris rues, including the go-to spots that you’ll want to remember. In each issue we’ll include a spread of curated French fashion, with the option to click and buy. And we’ll highlight snaps by our Instagram followers, so look out for the next contest, as your photo could appear in the magazine!

We’ve been working hard day and night to bring you this new incarnation of the Girls’ Guide brand, and we are beyond excited about it. We are certain that you’ll love it as much as we do, but stop for a moment and think: this magazine is digital. This means that your days of clipping or dog-earring are over. Trying to save and then search for that great article on where to find the best BBQ in Austin—finished! You will always have Girls’ Guide to Paris ET PLUS insider information on London, Kenya or Rio at your fingertips, stored safely on your computer, yet you’ll still be able to enjoy the look and feel of a proper magazine. Take your favorite articles with you on the plane, tucked neatly inside your bag or on your tablet, computer or even phone! Links will be included in the articles, so you’ll be able to get more information about that fabulous café in Provence with just one click on your device.

But don’t take our word for it—get a sneak peek of the magazine to see how fabulous it is! And then be sure to sign up today for six issues per year, and, for a limited time only, receive the first issue for free! That’s seven issues for $19.95, and you don’t have to renew until November 2014. Pay less than the price of a latte per issue to travel the world. What’s more, you’ll also get a free digital issue to share with a friend or two, because we gals have to stick together. When you’re back home, get a dose of Paris and new ideas for your next adventure with Girls’ Guide to Paris ET PLUS.
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