Learn While You Explore the World


Do you Enjoy Learning While You Travel?

Then this list is for you! We put together 13 inspiring tours to awaken your senses while restoring your health and vitality as you explore…

Wellness & Culture Tours

A Great Start to 2022 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Reignite your energy & optimize your health for 2022. This tour will help you kick off your best year ever.  Don’t miss out on this last chance to save $500 off (the sale ends this week).

Meditation in Bhutan

Learn how to meditate with the monks at the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, the country whose gross national product is happiness! Hurry, only two spots left! (see pic below)

Yoga in Estonia

Better your Yoga Skills in Estonia, explore the gorgeous medieval capital of Tallinn, and visit a Women’s Island in the Baltic sea.

Immersive Bali

Learn about the 8 pillars of happiness by experiencing Bali in an immersive way. The Balinese culture and people have much to teach us.


Wines in the Willamette Valley, Oregon 

Learn more than you’d ever dreamed about Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris (white) Wines from a wine expert, TV personality, and stand-up comedian this summer in Oregon.

Portrait Photography in the Country of Georgia

Practice portrait photography from an award-winning National Geographic photographer during the wine harvest in the country of Georgia – Capture Georgia, link coming soon…

Photography Workshop in Portugal

Enhance your budding photography skills in Portugal while staying at deluxe historic Pousadas with William Abranowitz, acclaimed photographer for Condé Nast Traveler for the past 25 years.

Art & Culture

Jewish History in Paris, France

Come discover Paris through a unique Jewish perspective, with our guide and expert Flora Goldenberg, granddaughter of Jo Goldenberg, owner of the famed Marais deli.

Provence & the Riviera

Learn about the great artists and writers inspired by the south of France while exploring this stunning region.

African Americans in Paris, France

Discover how many African Americans have influenced Paris & France during our Black History Tour.

Journaling in Japan

Learn about Japanese culture including how to sip tea mindfully, practice calligraphy & appreciate modern art. Japan Journals  – Act quick, this one will sell out soon!

Animals & Nature

Saving the Elephants in Africa

Experience an authentic wilderness trip incorporating conservation project(s) that we have committed to raising funds for, such as helping to save the wild elephants in the region.

Working with Wild Dolphins in Croatia

Learn and experience Dolphin conservation as a Citizen Scientist on our trip to the less traveled gourmet region of Istria in the North.

Why do I like learning vacations so much? Because YOU play an active role while traveling.

With hands-on learning, your brain becomes activated and awakened. It allows you to see and experience other cultures on a deeper level.

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