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What do the French do best ? Eat and drink ? Exactly. What can you do to learn French? Simply, eat and drink. Read the following to understand how to learn French à la Française, which is simply the best and most fun way to learn French. If you’re going on a trip to Paris in the near future there are a few painless things that you can do to get yourself French-ready.

1. Contact your local Alliance Française to see what cultural events they have going on in the future. Many conduct “Apéro Nights” where fellow Francophiles meet and speak French over apéritifs (cocktails). It’s a great opportunity to mingle with fellow Francophiles and share tips on surviving Paris ! The Alliance Française promotes the learning of French for every learner, so don’t be worried if you’re a beginner! 

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2. Research local French restaurants or cafés in your area or nearby city to get a feel of what food will be offered when abroad and how menus are set up. FAITES ATTENTION! Menu in French is not equivalent to the English term. This refers to the menu du jour –or meal of the day- which can include an appetizer, main course, dessert –and sometimes a glass of wine. The French word for menu is la carte, which refers to all of the restaurant’s offerings.

3. Don’t want to leave the house to learn some basic French ? Pas de problème ! There are several online resources for those who want to broaden their French knowledge. One of the best is Here you can watch videos, play interactive games or simply read articles on various subjects.

4. There are also many videos on YouTube that can help you learn the basics before your trip. Take a peek at Friendly Fires’ video for their song Paris (Aeroplane Remix) featuring Au Revoir Simone. A great song as well as a great tool. They even give the phonetic spelling of each word for those who know linguistics.

5. Want to delve a little deeper and really commit to learning French ? Why not enroll in a language institute in France ? Listed below are some great schools that offer more than just classes – by attending these schools, it is possible to go on excursions in France, take cooking courses and learn about French wines ! Who doesn’t love French wine ?

Institute Tripaine in Trips
LSF Montpellier (Montpellier, France)
Institut de Français (Nice, France)

No matter how much you want to learn, whether it just is the basics or more advanced French, there are numerous opportunities to learn the language of love. Take a trip to your local French restaurant or take the plunge and fly to France!

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Elle Reynolds is a native New Yorkers and has her masters in French. She is about to embark on a teaching job in Nantes, France.  

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