Discover…Latin Quarter Stroll Walking Tours


Welcome to the 5th Arrondissement, also known as the Latin Quarter because of the large number of international students who spoke Latin in the area starting as far back as the mid-12th century. Here are just a few stops from the trip!
On a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday morning, you’ll find a fabulous farmers’ market at Place Maubert. Pick up everything you need for a spontaneous picnic!
If it’s not a market day, there are also good specialty shops at the Place Maubert for sampling similar local fare. You can also turn right on St.-Germain and right onto rue Monge for Eric Kayser.
Just across the street on the corner of rue Monge and rue des Bernardins is Eglise St.-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet. This church is the headquarters of the less-than traditional Society of St.-Pius, which in the 1970s did not agree with many changes in church laws and was to be expelled from the location. It never left and still remains today.
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