Hotels in Paris: Hôtel Original


Not too long ago I was invited to visit the newly decorated, family-run Hôtel Original, and I was, quite genuinely, blown away. I can’t imagine a sexier, more family friendly hotel in Paris. It sounds like an oxymoron, but with its ideal location on the edge of the Marais, between the playground at the Place des Vosges and the bars of the Bastille, l’Original seems to offer the very best for both worlds.

The decor was dreamed up by the fashion designer Stella Cadente, who challenges herself to build a magical world of poetry and fantasy with her creations. She does a fantastic job of it; her background working with brands like Dior and Swarovski can be felt throughout the fairy-tale settings.

From the moment the glass entrance doors slide open, you feel like you’ve entered an enchanted forest, and like you are either Alice Wonderland or an alluring ice princess. Jellyfish lamps that are both fantasy and fantastic elicit a childlike appreciation from even the most sophisticated guests, while checkerboard floors recall the character of the Queen of Hearts.

Some of the rooms are wrapped in gold, including gold-leaf walls, while others are a pristine white with fur blankets, creating a cozy, wintery wonderland. There are Crystal Queen boudoirs and Enchanted Forest rooms that evoke scenes of Sleeping Beauty with her Huntsman and let the imagination run wild. So wild, in fact, that I kept wondering if room service didn’t perhaps sell handcuffs, massage lotions or Stella Cadente lingerie for intimate nights between adults, because this would be the perfect setting. 

So where do families fit into all this? Kids will love the utter magic of the hotel, while parents will appreciate the peace and quiet. The family rooms sleep four and are perfectly situated far from other guests, at the end of corridors off quiet courtyards in peaceful little havens. Like falling down the rabbit hole, you’ll find yourself facing smiling cats and Mad Hatter fabrics, with sweet dreams of tomorrow’s wonderful adventures, as everyone settles in for a good night’s sleep. 

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