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Pop-Up Paris Bistronomique Dinners


I love a pop-up store, a pop-up restaurant or really a pop-up anything. Don’t you? Something about the impermanence of it makes it seem more special.

Not long ago I joined a friend and her beau at a Paris-Pop up dinner at the Table Ronde in Paris. Paris Pop is a creation of Laura Vidal (sommelier) and Harry Cummins (chef) who met each other at Frenchie (still the hottest and most difficult restaurant to get into in Paris).

Since January 2013, the two (who are also a couple) have been travelling around the world serving extraordinary meals with perfectly paired (often natural) wines curated by Laura. Pop-Up Paris has been welcome in Montreal, New York, California, Kyoto, Quebec City, Fez, Barcelona and London. Next locales include; Marrakesh from May 16-21st and June 18 through the 29th of August you can find them in residency at the Grand Hotel in Arles, France.

They’ll be opening a permanent restaurant in Barcelona with Julia Mitton, the former general director of the extremely successful Experimental Cocktail Club group. I will be on a flight to check it out shortly after the doors open you can bet on that.

In the meantime you can find them sporadically in Paris at the Table Ronde, a Parisian supper club and literally a table that is around a chef’s station. The night we went we enjoyed a wine tasting of Loire Valley wines curated by Ms. Vidal accompanying a variety of fish dishes, pork with truffles in a heavenly broth and a smoked steak to finish it all off which was out of this world. The food was quite simply perfection. I’d expect nothing else though from a graduate of Frenchie.

The wines were very interesting, not what you normally expect from the Loire. Some were a bit too odd for my liking. Natural wines are hit or miss for me, but I did enjoy sampling such a variety from just one region. It’s a great idea to focus on one area, which allows you to taste and experience how much wealth and variety there can be in just one tiny pocket of France.

In your travels try to catch up with Harry & Laura, you’ll be grateful you did.
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While we are talking serious gourmet delicacies recently I caught up with the adorable Sophie from the Bordeaux based Sophie’s Store which is primarily an online gourmet source for expats and others in France who appreciate gourmet food and adorable kitchen paraphernalia created in America and the UK.

Yes, Frenchie’s we do have some seriously delicious gourmet food made in the USA and believe it or not this is an exotic delicacy in France.

Sophie lived in the US for many years and while she is a native of Bordeaux she appreciates good food from all over the world.

If you are living in Europe, the US or Canada Sophie will ship you a little care package to perk up your week.

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