Girls’ Guide to Europe Presents . . . Rome vs. Paris


Italy, aah, the land of spaghetti and opera and leather. France, the place for luxury, style and macarons. There are many ways and many people who’ve tried to compare these two great ladies, Paris and Rome, and for our March 2014 issue of Girls’ Guide to Europe, we’ve made our own attempt. We have compared French and Italian men on Vespas, the architecture, the ice cream and the handbags. Truthfully this is an unfair assessment, because we always pick what’s most celebrated about the guest city and try to find a counterpart in our favorite of all time, Paris, which of course puts the City of Light at a disadvantage. But indulge us on this one—if for no other reasons than to enjoy the adorable illustrations and for the fun of it. It’s perfectly incorrect to compare cultures, but like talking heads on TV, we like to gossip sometimes, just for kicks. So let’s get to it! 

All illustrations by Fifi Flowers. 

Hmm, well for one thing, I am not a fan of doing someone else’s advertising for free, so I personally don’t love logo bags. Even though I’m a committed Francophile, I’ve always preferred Fendi. The brand seems a bit more exclusive and its designs more adventurous. So Fendi it is, at least in my opinion, but there is a lot of room for disagreement here. 

A French man on a Vespa vs. an Italian. Wow, well, I don’t know about you, but each sounds fairly delicious to me. Italian men to my eye are the most attractive men in the world, if a bit aggressive. That’s two so far for Rome. 

The Pantheon in Rome, which is nearly 2,000 years old, built of granite and impeccably conserved, vs. the Panthéon in Paris. Commissioned by Louis XV in the 1700s and built in the Latin Quarter, the Paris Panthéon, while beautiful, cannot hold a candle to the vrai Roman edifice, with its ceiling open to the sky. One can feel history in here, as if great men in togas just left the building. Rome: plus 3. 

Both of these fountains are stunning and truly impressive. The Trevi has been featured in so many movies, you get the sense that you really will have good luck if you toss a coin in, so I have to give it again to Rome. 

Last but not least is Giolitti gelato versus Berthillon ice cream on the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. I love gelato, but in my humble opinion, nothing can beat the chocolat noir I’ve devoured at Berthillon. Finally a win for Paris.
So Italy wins in a landslide. I hope this inspires you to take a spring trip to Rome, but first please let us know your take. Comment, rage and dish with us on our Facebook page.

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