The French Fashion Sweatshirt Invasion


Once reserved only for sports and lazy weekends, recently the sweatshirt has emerged as a high-fashion piece for both men and women. French fashion designers have used their creativity to move beyond the heather gray number, constructing sweatshirts with different materials, cuts and colors. They also infuse different details such as embroidered symbols, embellishments, quilting and zippers. Stylish sweatshirts have definitely become a modern way of dressing—you feel cozy and comfy and still look pulled together. You can easily dress up or dress down a sweatshirt, depending on how you match the bottom and the coat. Here are four fun ways to wear a sweatshirt.

Animal Logo
The animal logo has been a real hit in the fashion world since renowned brands such as Kenzo and Carven have created their iconic pieces. Surface to Air has created this sweatshirt with the print “Ex-Luna, Scientia.” We mix it with a pleated skirt in wool to create texture and volume for the look.

Material Mix
With a mix of materials including silk and cotton, this sweatshirt by Raphaëlle H’limi is a very fine piece that goes well with a pleated skirt or a pair of black jeans, making it perfect for casual office wear.

Allover Print
The allover print sweatshirt usually takes its inspiration from a picture, drawing or landscape. Aloha from Deer has been a real expert at this. This shoes sweatshirt is more girlish, while the one with trees is more subtle, but both are very unique. To keep the focus on the sweatshirt, match it with jeans or black pants.

April, May has created a more glamorous and luxurious piece to stand out from the crowd. Pair this sparkling sweatshirt with a sleeveless jacket, black pants and a hat to construct a boyish chic look.

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Animal logo by Surface to Air
Material mix by Raphaëlle H’limi
Allover print by Aloha from Deer
Embellishment by April, May