French Fashion at the Sustainable Luxury Salon


The fourth annual Sustainable Luxury Salon in Paris featured the newest French fashion trends in design, clothing, technology and art. Held at the newly renovated Carreau du Temple, in the 3rd Arrondissement, a former covered market, the event welcomed innovative designers from France and abroad who are committed to the sustainable and green design movement.


Arpin. All photos by Anna Brones.

Energy-efficient cars, bicycles made from recycled materials and ethically sourced spices all found common ground under the umbrella of sustainability. Exemplifying the local-leaning and all-things-green trends that are only getting more popular in Paris, Sustainable Luxury was clearly a sign of what to watch in the coming year. Among the 38 stands at the salon, French fashion clearly stole the show, with locally sourced textiles, clothing and home design as the standout products at the salon.

Le Lit National.

From footwear to “urban ponchos” and wool jackets, natural is the new black. Dye-free fabrics were trending, and the focus was definitely on locally sourced materials. High-end bedding company Le Lit National debuted its partnership with the family-owned Arpin, pairing mattresses and lounge beds with Arpin’s signature wool blankets, sourced from French sheep in the Alps. The team is working with hotels around Europe, so look forward to having a good night’s sleep on them next time you travel abroad! Arpin also showcased its prêt-à-porter line of wool jackets, sweaters and scarves, whose quality craftsmanship ensures reliability for many winters to come.


Luxury fibers are central to the clothing designs of Animana. The company sources its raw materials from sustainably bred llamas and alpacas from Patagonia, weaving them into stylish and ethical street wear. Its line of wraps, shawls and accessories is made using ancestral techniques but make great modern-day city styles, and feel right at home with Paris fashion.Simple designs inspired by materials from around the world were evocative of the Scandinavian style craze that has hit Paris. This trend extended from clothing and accessories into interior design, where simple wood furniture and repurposed materials outfitted the sustainable home.


Using all natural products and ethically sourced raw materials, France’s own Alice Etcaetera creates simple wooden chairs upholstered with Scottish leather, blending classic and modern design that pairs perfectly with its natural wood tables. Portugal-based Blackcork is French designer Toni Grilo’s brand of “cooked” cork furniture. Through a natural process, the Portuguese cork is treated with water so that it expands and solidifies, turning it a melted chocolate brown in the process. Branching out from the traditional wood or steel furniture, Blackcork’s chairs and coffee tables make an interesting, and sustainable, pièce de résistance for any room of the house.

The Sustainable Luxury Salon announced the coming of a fashion-forward trend in French home and clothing designs. Eco-friendly and green practices in sourcing and production seem to be a common inspiration for up-and-coming designers, and the resulting styles, with their clean lines, simple styles and natural color palette, have certainly found their niche in France. 

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