French Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


Festivals and summer are synonymous for me. Festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella have even defined a whole way of dressing: festival chic anyone? So how does this influence French fashion in stylish Paris? I went along to a festival in Paris and found a host of wonderfully dressed people.
Velvet was a recurring trend either in cardigans or in floppy boho hats. It added a decadent twist to the usual felt variety and somehow made it more French. Folk knits and prints complemented the felt—I loved the chunky knit worn by the felt-hat-wearing Parisian, complete with wooden buttons!
Moving on from the decadent boho look, I found one girl wearing the most wonderful graphic ensemble with topknot and white collar on black knit, ever so slightly softened with a beige trench. It was an absolutely wonderful balance of proportions.
Dip-dyed hair was everywhere at the festival, which is unusual for Paris. I have found that most Parisian women don’t indulge in these sorts of trends. Here, it seemed like everyone’s hair was bleached a little lighter at the ends. One girl’s was fiery orange, which complemented the muted khaki of her parka, with its oversize hood, and her beanie and high leather boots.
I found decadence in bohemia, hipster minimalism and more dip-dyed French hair than I ever thought possible—all reasons to visit a Parisian festival again and admire the French fashion there.
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