French Fashion: Following the Imagination of Esther Bonté


If a girl uses the words imagination, dreams, travel, nature and surrealism to describe herself, you know that she is a born creator. Esther Bonté, who started her brand in 2009, creates high-end printed silk scarves made in Italy. Raised in a family with a background in style and graphic arts, Esther has inherited the sensitivity of what it takes to be a creator. She loves to draw with a very fine Chinese ink pencil. Her graphic style is modern, refined and elegant, attracting clients who are looking for chic niche French fashion products.


This collection is a tribute to Paris, her hometown. It features a series of paintings based on the magnificent architecture of Paris, which she reworked and transformed into a whirlpool of colors. We particularly love the Opéra scarf, which presents the fascinating universe of the Opéra Garnier, synonymous with dance, Parisian elegance, beauty and artistic purity. Wouldn’t you love to have one of these scarves?


About the Designer
Founded in 2009, Esther Bonté is a high-end brand of printed silk scarves. The eponymous designer is a young artist who chose the scarf as a means of expression. Indeed, she works with themes inspired by her travels, the landscapes that surround her and her whimsical imagination. She characterizes each of her prints as an exclusive “board to wear.” Manufactured in France and Italy, her silk scarves are refined and high quality.
Her new collection is a tribute to her hometown of Paris. Like a series of paintings, her scarves reveal the magnificent architecture of Paris. Each one, evoking a dreamlike scene, is a new way to rediscover Paris through the eyes of a Parisienne.

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