French Fashion: Christine Phung


Christine Phung—the winner of the grand prize for creation from the City of Paris, as well as the First Collections Prize, awarded by the prestigious association ANDAM—presents her collection exclusively online at L’Exception. After working for 10 years for famed French fashion designers (See by Chloé, Vanessa Bruno, Christophe Lemaire), she started her own collection in 2011.
Couture, modern, feminine, graphic and timeless—these are the best words to describe her creations. She named her third collection Round Field. It is a story about a girl who flew over the circular fields of Nevada to Las Vegas. The collection includes prints inspired by collages of landscapes, and handmade embroidery inspired by the lines of fields.

It is a collection between tension and release, straight lines and curves. Inspired by a traveler immersed in a midflight daydream, Christine Phung imagines herself facing the emptiness and vertigo above the circular fields of Nevada. A playful and dreamy experience, a test of one’s sense of self and one’s limits.
We love the Bobby Teddy jacket, the geometrical prong. All products are made in France, and some pearl embroidery is done in a small sewing workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, her father’s country of origin.
Most of Christine Phung’s collection is available online at L’Exception. It is also available at the L’Exception pop-up shop at Franck et Fils (80, rue de Passy, in the 16th Arrondissement) through September 28.

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