French Fashion: The Bold and the Beautiful


The best thing about the arrival of beautiful spring weather is the shedding of the many layers of dark winter clothing that comes with it. Although fashion trends are constantly changing, with new fads introduced (like wedge sneakers?!), a beautiful range of colors always appear when springtime comes around. For spring 2014, some of my favorite French fashion designers, such as Chanel, Saint Laurent and Dior, showcased colorful, printed collections that generated buzz within the fashion world and predicted a few trends for these upcoming warm months. 

Mixing Prints

A combination of two, very different textiles may seem like a big risk, but if done correctly, this trend could add a fun twist to your wardrobe and even help flatter your figure. The key is to focus on a common color palette throughout individual pieces. Try mixing different black-and-white patterns together or even common reds and yellows.



Nothing says Parisian chic like a monochrome pop of color. One of my favorite street-style looks is an all-pink head-to-toe ensemble that consists of a very structured coat and a well-made pant, paired perfectly with a blue-and-white Louboutin heel and a trendy little handbag. The trick is to find two different textures that mesh well together, and two pieces that are nearly the same shade.


Colorful Accessories

You can never go wrong with adding a bold accessory to compliment what you’re wearing. My personal favorite is the colorful, pointed-toe pump (more specifically, the ones made by Christian Louboutin or TopShop) or even a pastel collar necklace from Zara. Pair either with your favorite handbag and you’ll be ready to conquer the rues of Paris!


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Photographs taken by Alexis Barnett. For more, visit