French Countryside Photo Essay


French Countryside Photo Essay

There is nothing quite like the French countryside in summer. Thanks to the French tripism board I was recently able to experience the Midi-Pyrenees in a spectacular way, slow and steady via a bike. Read about my experience here and here.I want to encourage those who haven’t ventured beyond Paris to do so by posting some of my French countryside photography here from a recent trip. Thanks to Erik of the Global Trip for photos #1 and 2 below as well as the Aligot shot.

Bodies of water

fields of wheat

unusual sheep hearder huts

stone houses

superb food found even in the middle of nowhere

local dishes, this is Aligot famous in the Aveyron region (a mixture of whipped potatoes and cheese)

Hollyhocks growing beside stone houses

Passion fruit vines

Red clay rooftops

countryside vistas

French blue

blue shutters

Pink shutters!

Never ending shutters

Village cafés

Castle towns

Window boxes

Decorating your stone house with flowers

Charming doors

Church doors