Seen on the Streets of Paris: Fall Colors and Equestrian Flair


Fall colors about in Paris fashion seen on the streets of Paris

So the colors of the leaves on the trees are changing and, as I noticed, are being picked up by the outfits of those wandering the streets of Paris.

With tans and sun-streaked hair left over from summer, I always think it is the perfect time to wear fall colors, from moss greens and rich browns to blackberry hues and burnt oranges. Fabric gets a bit thicker and people cover up a little more, but fall doesn’t demand the more practical wardrobe of winter. One can play without the risk of freezing.

Autumn makes it possible for ankles to be a focus. I saw ankle boots, ankle-length trousers. Indeed, the trend extended to jackets and jumpers, which were bracelet length or rolled higher. Camel, midnight and dark green were often worn with tan leather, which added an equestrian flair.

There were still a few little warm-weather leftovers, with toes peeping out of sandal wedges. Even, so the polish colors have changed from coral to burgundy. Hello, autumn!

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