Discover the Girls’ Guide to the World Experience


Have you ever wondered what makes our trips so special? Here are some common questions answered to help you get to know us a little better:

Why women-only? Joining a group of women travelers is a unique experience. Many of our ladies start their journeys solo but never stay that way for long. In the magical atmosphere we create, you'll make friends instantly. Laughter and stories flow from the first night and by the end of the trip, you'll have forged lifelong connections. That's the real magic of GG2W!

What are the trips like? We aim to uncover the essence of each destination we visit. It's in the food, the wine, the architecture, the natural beauty, and, most importantly, the people. Our trips cater to discerning travelers who appreciate luxury but not for its own sake. You'll dine divinely, alternating between local bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants. We stay in a range of accommodations, from chateaux to farmhouses. Expect truffle hunting, encounters with authors and artists, and wine sessions with boat captains. Our trips are tailored for ladies who'd never opt for guided tours with a busload of strangers.

Who travels with us? Our travelers come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities. While English is our primary language, our guests hail from around the globe. The age range is vast, from 23 to 83, although most are between 40-65. The close connections formed between our 25 and 75-year-old travelers are nearly magical. The mix of women from various countries and stages in life is what makes our trips so extraordinary. Women of all ages understand how to bond, and this bonding experience is empowering.

How many people are on a trip? Our trips are intimate, with 6 to 10 participants, typically 6-8. Each trip specifies the minimum and maximum group size.

Solo or with friends/family? Around 75% of our intrepid travelers journey solo. They might be single, widowed, or simply in search of a fresh adventure. The remaining 25% are mothers and daughters, sisters, or close friends who explore together. Many return for their second, third, or fourth Girls' Guide experience.

Accommodations: Do I have my own room? Our trips are designed and priced for single occupancy at all our accommodations. However, if you prefer to share with a friend or family member, you can, and it comes with cost savings. We don't pair up strangers, and we never charge single supplements. In some older Chateaux properties, you might share a bathroom - but we'll inform you in advance, and there's typically a reduced rate for shared bathrooms.

Ready to embark on an adventure? We love connecting with everyone interested in our trips. The website provides information, but a chat with you helps ensure all your questions are answered. This is a personal experience, so let's start getting to know each other. Reach out via our Contact form, and we'll schedule a call with you. Once you decide it's a go, we'll invoice you for a 35% trip deposit, with the balance due two months before the trip begins. Our pre-departure group video call will cover all the finer details, from train times and weather to what to pack and how to stay connected during the journey. Check out our upcoming trips now!