D.D. Rice


During her studies at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, D.D. Rice developed her expertise in wine and food. While living in Paris she enthusiastically indulged in all things French, drinking in all its pleasures and seeking as much adventure as her student rail pass would permit.
Naturellement, Sherry-Lehmann, one of Manhattan’s largest wine retailers, hired her, and thus began the flow of her wine career. She later joined the importer Martin Scott Wines, known for its treasure chest of Burgundian wines, where she had countless opportunities to work with winemakers and taste wines with chefs and wine buyers from many of New York’s best restaurants. In 1999 she started her own wine brokerage business, Vin de Siècle.
Aside from her academic interests, Diana has visited many of the world’s most important wine regions to round out her expertise. She lives with her husband and three boys, trying to keep the peace as well as manage a vacation to a wine region in France each year.
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