The Cool Clubs in Paris


In Paris there is a club for everyone. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, there is nightlife for you! I did some exploring and testing, and here is a compilation—the best of the best—of what I found. My advice? Bring your wallet and don’t leave your house before midnight to go out (unless you want a free entry at Mix Club on Thursday night). What better way to prepare for holiday festivities than to read up on some of the best nightlife spots? If you’re excited for New Year’s, perhaps you’ll find yourself at one of these hot clubs in Paris, dancing the night away as the clock strikes midnight!

Rasputin one of the cooler nightclubs in Paris

If you want to see the coolest of the cool, the most famous celebs, dance to the most vibrant house music tunes, then Rasputin is the place to be. It is not uncommon to see Hollywood A-listers at this club off the Champs Elysées. The arabesque decor in the small lounge, lined with red velvet everywhere, creates a sexy and seductive feeling. It’s expensive, very expensive. And don’t think you’ll get in without a table reservation or by knowing someone who knows someone.

Matignon, part of the Cool Clubs in Paris list

It’s located on the avenue Matignon (right off the FDR metro stop, on Line 1), but don’t be distracted by the ground-floor restaurant. Covered in animal skins and cowhide, the restaurant at Matignon is a cool place to grab a drink before heading downstairs into the club. I recommend grabbing a drink upstairs so that you can get past the doorman with a very stringent list. After enjoying a not-so-special drink (think beer and wine with a few typical cocktails mixed into the list), head downstairs to the supercool club, which is great for dancing and socializing. Men in suits will not be shy about inviting you to their table for a glass of Dom Perignon. This place is as expensive as it looks, and it caters to an older crowd lined with models.
Le MadaM
Again, we have another hot spot right off the Champs Élysées. This is a fun spot if you’re with a group of friends and just want to dance. Typically there’s no entrance fee. I did encounter one on a Thursday night (the entrance fee of 10 euros included a drink), but this was an isolated event. Not overly expensive, it’s a nice place to grab a table (usually open roam on these), put your things down and hit the dance floor! You won’t leave Le MadaM until 4 a.m.
VIP Room


VIP Room, a nightclub in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris

Across from the Louvre, there’s a club that charges an entrance fee, and then doesn’t charge an entrance fee. It all depends on whom you know or whom you know who knows someone. Bring your sunglasses, because you’ll be here until 6 a.m. but never know if it’s sunny or dark outside, as it’s always incredibly bright (thanks to an intense neon light board) inside VIP. Moderately priced, this club isn’t cheap, yet you won’t break your bank having a good night here. There are standard club drinks, nothing special. If you want cool cocktails, try out Experimental Cocktail Club or Prescription—for 13 euros a drink, you won’t regret your choice.
Mix Club

Mix Club, a nightclub in Paris

Thursday night is free for international students who arrive at Mix Club before midnight. After that, expect to pay 10–15 euros to enter (which of course includes a drink). Located near the Trip Montparnasse, this is definitely a college-kid hangout, as the crowd is the youngest you’ll find around town. Lots of house and hip-hop pop can be heard at Mix Club. Drinks are cheap, and there are often special hours for discount drinks. The line to enter is usually long, so bundle up; you may be outside for 10–20 minutes.
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