Chez Lyssa and Marc


Are you a foodie and a fashionista? You do not want to miss the opportunity to dine chez Lyssa and Marc. Haute cuisine and haute couture combine for a glamorous night of wining and dining in a classic Montmartre apartment. Marc is a professional chef who will whip up a beautiful seven-course meal paired with wine. 

A former restaurant owner from England, Marc is an expert at hospitality. But if you have an eye for fashion, you’ll be thrilled with more than the decadent menu. Lyssa, a French fashion consultant, will regale you with stories from her time working with Vogue and Barney’s. Additionally, she’ll show you some items from her antique clothing collection. 

Sit back and make yourself at home in the couple’s chic apartment with other travelers who are fanatic about fashion and food. As the wine flows, so, too, will the conversation about literature, theater and travel. A fabulous and unique alternative to dining out, chez Lyssa and Marc will provide you with all the tastes of a star-rated restaurant but with none of the fuss. 

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