Chez Celine


Imagine a three-course French meal featuring some of the most classic dishes and plenty of conversation with travelers and a local Parisian—all this fine french cooking in the heart of Paris for less than $35. You can’t beat the price, nor can you beat the experience of dining chez Céline.

Céline is a 20-year-old Parisian who is passionate about French cuisine. With, you can dine in Céline’s chic apartment with other travelers looking for a more authentic and personal alternative to a restaurant. Céline will use her years of cooking experience to prepare a delicious three-course meal, offering dishes like pork chops in a traditional mustard sauce or steak accompanied by a rich and delicious potato purée. For dessert, she whips up raspberry and ice cream parfaits or a fig tart. Céline will make a menu to match your taste (including an all-vegetarian menu), and she does her grocery shopping the morning of the meal at organic stands in the Marché d’Aligre.


Céline is a photographer in Paris and loves theater, literature, cinema and art. Dine with fellow visitors to Paris and discuss travels and the must-see Parisian sites over a delicious restaurant-quality, home-cooked meal. 

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