Brunch Goes Bio in Paris Restaurants



Soya, in the 11th Arrondissement.

The brunch craze has been gaining momentum in Paris restaurants, and the organic, or bio, food movement has not been left out of the trend. Strengthening their alliances with the latest in food fashions, organic ingredients are frequently featured in brunch buffets around the city.
A quick trip of the capital’s favorite brunch addresses proves that the pairing of brunch and bio has found an appreciative audience. With a wealth of weekend breakfast spots at cafés in Paris to choose from, the hungover and hungry will not be at a loss for a healthy and healing midmorning meal.

Café Francoeur, in the 18th

Café Francoeur, in the 18th.

Café Francoeur is the perfect spot to rendez-vous with friends after a night out. The café is both cozy and spacious, meaning less of a wait for a table as well as for your organic omelets and ouefs bénédictines (10–14 euros). Café Francoeur does not have a set brunch menu, but all the breakfast standards are there, including burgers (16 euros) and traditional French fare for those who aren’t riding the brunch bandwagon. The Bloody Mary is also one of the best you’ll find among Paris restaurants.

Chez Anne, in the 18th

Chez Anne, in the 18th.

A little off the beaten track is Chez Anne, a laid-back neighborhood restaurant that provides a welcoming setting for settling in and reconstructing the previous night’s events. For 20 euros, you can buy a hearty brunch, with the usual suspects, such as scrambled eggs, breads, jams and pastries, along with your choice of smoked salmon or bacon, freshly squeezed juice and a hot drink. The ingredients are organic and seasonal, and everything is homemade, resulting in the ultimate restorative brunch experience.
Alumni of Rose Bakery have divided and conquered the organic and seasonal food scene in recent years. Both Le Bal Café and Nanashi are the latest entrepreneurial efforts of former Rose bakers who have stayed true to their roots, serving up fresh ingredients and filling brunch menus in their restaurants around the city.
Supernature is another neighborhood Paris café serving lunch to the locals during the week and getting packed with hungry brunchers on Sundays. Reserve in advance to make sure you get a table, and then enjoy the varied organic brunch menus. Supernature offers a choice between a detox menu or a more traditional, eggy affair—both menus are 20 euros each and include a freshly squeezed juice as well as a hot drink.

A few of the self-serve buffet options at Soya

A few of the self-serve buffet options at Soya.

Probably the best address for vegetarians in Paris, Soya offers a completely veggie buffet brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. The service can be scattered at Soya, but the self-serve buffet makes up for that. For 24 euros, one has unlimited access to the hot dishes, salads and sweets that are included in the brunch spread (a freshly squeezed juice and hot drink are also included in the price). The brunch buffet is not labeled very well, so a certain sense of adventure is required when assembling your plate, but visiting vegetarians can relish in the freedom of being in one of the few restaurants in the capital where they can eat anything off the menu!
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41, rue du Ruisseau, in the 18th Arrondissement.
01 42 23 42 03.

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