Laurence Bossion
10, rue St. Roch, in the 1st Arrondissement.
01 42 96 80 50.

Beautifully crafted hats, cloches and berets, handmade with the finest materials.
Mira Belle (pictured above)
6, place Charles Dullin, in the 18th.
01 42 52 00 11.
Colorful and embellished hats inspired by the creative and artistic ambience of the store’s Montmartre neighborhood.


Mary Beyer
32, Galerie Montpensier, in the 1st.
01 42 61 41 85.

Beautiful made-to-measure gloves in just about any material that you desire.


Prudence Oliko
61, rue de Maubeuge, in the 9th.
01 53 21 04 79.
From sketch pad to design completion, this cutting-edge Parisian shoemaker will produce your dream shoe.


255, rue St.-Honoré, in the 1st.
01 42 60 94 94.

As the crème de la crème of bespoke lingerie, Cadolle’s divinely tailored bras, corsets and undergarments can be embellished with fine ribbons, lace or even Swarovski crystals.

Louise Feuillère
102, rue des Dames, in the 17th.
01 44 90 96 22.

Louise makes made-to-measure luxurious lingerie to fit you and only you for a pretty penny (1,500 euros and up).  She also sells haute couture intimates, including panties, garters, camisoles, bras, corsets, nightgowns, slips and bathing suits, in her charming atelier in the 17th, beginning at 220 euros.  


L’Artisan Parfumeur
50, rue des Sts.-Pères, in the 7th.
01 45 48 80 24.

With its emphasis on scents from nature, this world-renowned French perfume house sells both ready-made and personalized candles and perfumes.
Francis Kurkdjian
5, rue d’Alger, in the 1st.
01 42 77 40 22. Call well in advance for an appointment.

For a fragrance uniquely your own, let award-winning perfumer Kurkdjian—France’s “most famous contemporary nose”—guide you through the process of luxury scent creation. Kurkdjian knows how to offer his select clientele the royal treatment. After all, he re-created Marie Antoinette’s favorite perfume to great acclaim. Receive this royal treatment yourself for 8,000 euros (2,500–5,000 euros to adapt an existing scent).
Le Studio des Parfums
23, rue du Bourg Tibourg, in the 4th.
01 40 29 90 84.

Using a 127-chord perfume organ, you can indulge in crafting a unique perfume without too much damage to your budget.


26, ave Victor Hugo, in the 16th.
01 45 01 88 24.

This institutional stationery house offers a top-notch leather and engraving department. It also sells exquisite pens, journals, paper and briefcases.
3, rue de Fleurus, in the 6th. get map01 45 44 90 02.
This independent couture paper company specializes in the art of foil stamping, a traditional technique to which it adds a modern-style typography.

Home Decor

Boutique D. Porthault
50, ave Montaigne, in the 8th. get map01 47 20 75 25.
Where home couture was born. Here you will find luxury bedding and linens with prints originally inspired by Impressionist art. Custom hand embroidery and special orders are available.