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Rent an apartment—it’s nearly always cheaper and more spacious than a hotel room, and it allows you to pretend you are a Parisian. Shop for croissants and baguettes and les fleurs—and go to the marché. Here are a number of agents who have short-term vacation rentals.
Haven in Paris Only exquisite apartments.
I Love Paris Apartments Porter Scott and his wife, Louise, give visitors the opportunity to live like Parisians in what are essentially private residences in the very best parts of Paris. We like their places on Cherche-Midi, Mazarine and St.-André-des-Arts.
Just France We love this company—the 2BR at Cité Berryer is perfect for four.
New York Habitat Another large group of apartments, but be patient—it’s a search.
Panache This site isn’t as easy to navigate as the top three, but there are some lovely apartments here.
NOTE: Paris Attitude and LODGIS.com are the largest in Paris but BEWARE. We have had bad experiences with these two companies. They do not ensure that the places are clean, and they leave everything up to the owners—these companies are just not up to our standards.
Paris Perfect
Paris Studios You can rent directly from New York–based owner Violaine Galland. She offers seven Paris apartments for very reasonable rates. We like La Nation.
A Part of Paris
Rentals in Paris
Special Apartments This reputable firm handpicks their apartments. All of their apartments are gorgeous, but we particularly like number 33 on rue des Sts.-Pères; number 13, near the Pont Neuf; and the très kool studio (number 26) on the Île St.-Louis.
Villa Montmartre This site is a friend’s apartment. We’ve stayed here and it’s a place we love. She also links to a lovely and reasonable B and B in the 13th.
VRBO Offers places for rent by the owner directly, which can be a great thing, or not. Ask a lot of questions and ask for more pictures.
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This is a new trend if you are staying for a week. This company has nice alternatives in Montmartre and near the Eiffel Tower that are about 100–150 euros a night. You get much more space than at a hotel, and this option is a bit easier and more available than a private apartment. Plus, you have a kitchen—which allows you to save money by making a few meals and most breakfasts at home. Good for larger groups.

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For our handpicked apartment rental agencies, folks we trust who have been in business for a long time in Paris, please consult our Book It section.