7 Cool Places in Paris


When I’m staying in the city of light such as I am now for two months to finish my book, while walking around I always find a bunch of new places in Paris that I want to share. These are some of my best finds as of late.

Balibert Epicerie

A tiny friendly little place in the 10th has opened. I had the pleasure of tasting a lot of their offerings including duck sausage from the Aveyron – yum, a white wine from the basque region with a red pepper in it?! – double yum. The owner Alice and her husband are as charming as you can imagine, and they are selling basically only things you cannot get in the US or UK, so its a great stop for some trés unique gifts for your gourmet friends back home.

Wedding Dresses by Celestina Agostino

To me the ultimate place to get your wedding dress made in Paris is at Celestina Agostino. She will design one just for you after talking to you a bit to make sure it suits your personality. No garish white dresses here, everything is ivory and the lace is wildly beautiful. Her personality, enthusiasm and passion which I think is a combo of her French/Italian background is infectious.

Cooking classes by Alain Ducasse 

I’ve taken many a cooking class and one of my favorite was the Alain Ducasse class at the BHV. I have never learned so many good tricks in one class. The lamb we made was the juiciest I believe I’ve ever tasted. For me, this was time very well spent.

Pavilion de l’Arsenal

I always wondered what this place was but had never gone in. It’s a museums dedicated to architecture and on the weekends they do a free trip and brunch. If you are an architecture buff, stop in.

Yveline Antiques

My sister loves this enchanting little shop on the rue Furstemberg one of the most charming squares in Paris. They have a stunning selection of furniture, lamps and chandeliers and paintings from a variety of eras. Even if you are not in the market it a lovely place to stop in and the ladies who own it are very kind.

Stock Shops

If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here and read about why you must know about stock shops particularly if you are visiting when it’s NOT a sales period in July or January. Basically stock shops are normally by one designer such as MAJE who can sell their wares (usually off season or over stock) at these discount shops. The rest of the shops in Paris are only allowed to offer sales during the designated sales periods.

La Célestine

I was basically not a fan of crafty pottery and I had walked by this place many times (it’s near our apartment) not noticing it until my husband bought me an incredible Christmas gift there. Beyond pottery this is art in pottery form. She has exhibitions and always shows several designers at once. Designs consist of decorative pottery pieces, useful pottery and interesting jewelry.



Celestina Agostino

Alain Ducasse Cooking School

Pavillion de l’Arsenal


La Célestine