Shoes and Bags


shoes stores in paris

9, rue des Francs Bourgeois, in the 4th. 01 48 87 09 09.
1, rue du Cherche Midi, in the 6th. 01 45 48 22 00.

Two of our favorite locations. The Spanish shoe brand from Majorca gives us cute and comfortable shoes, something most gals thought was impossible!
Christian Louboutin
19, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in the 1st. 01 42 36 05 31.
Oh-so-sexy shoes.
Giuseppe Zanotti
233, rue St.-Honoré, in the 1st. get map01 47 03 02 60.
The ornate, colorful and glittery shoes from this high-end Italian designer are gradually becoming staple items in the wardrobes of Parisian fashionistas.
41, rue de Poitou, in the 3rd. 01 42 78 80 62.
Valery Duboucheron opened this shop in 2004, offering a mix of the crème de la crème in the world of shoes and bags.
Jamin Puech
61, rue d’Hauteville, in the 10th. 01 40 22 08 32.
The most original handbags to be found. Also with locations in the 6th and the Marais.
41, rue de Passy, in the 16th. get map09 60 11 01 70.
Reasonably priced street-style shoes.
6, rue Malher, in the 4th. 01 48 87 68 14.
Shoe and handbag fetishists must visit Lobato for leather duds from a range of designers. Sky-high heels, elegant knee-high boots and sexy ankle boots are just some of what’s in store. The bags will make you melt, with designers such as Chloé, Lanvin and Balenciaga, to name but a few.
12, rue St.-Florentin, in the 1st. get map01 43 16 00 00.
Classic French bags in every possible size and color.
Michel Vivien
15, rue Molière, in the 1st. 01 42 96 38 20.
Michel has designed for YSL and Givenchy. You can find his shoes at Le Bon Marché.
Pierre Hardy
156, galerie de Valois, in the 1st, in the Palais Royal. 01 42 60 59 75.
Très chic shoes and handbags.
Robert Clergerie
46, rue Croix des Petits Champs, in the 1st. 01 42 61 49 24.
Perhaps the shoes that inspired the phrase “CFM pumps.”
NOTE: A cruise down the rue de Grenelle in the 6th (starting at the rue du Cherche Midi) will turn up countless gorgeous shoe stores—we do not know of another shoe-obsessed street like it in the world.